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Why Do I Need Preloved Fashion?

Why Do I Need Preloved Fashion?

'Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.' - Marc Jacobs

2020 has been challenging to say the least but it did give us the luxury of slowing down and appreciating what we have in front of us, the pandemic also forced us to become more sustainable, Unilever's recent study showed 66% of consumers said they were willing to pay more for sustainable brands, which was up from 55% in 2014 and 50% in 2013.

With our consciousness rising we can see fast fashion being replaced by slow fashion. We are putting in a lot more thought into where and who we are buying from.

Lately we are seeing a rise in conscious trends for woke millennials and the easy access to information broadening our perspectives. One such trend is Preloved fashion - as we like to call it - which is not just another term for vintage or thrift shopping, it involves conscious buying and sustainable fashion.

Preloved shopping at AMUSED is like having your very own pre-loved personal shopper to support your experience. AMUSED will find you a unique quality assured piece everytime. With AMUSED you are investing in authenticated, luxury fashion pieces that someone else has previously owned and loved.

Here are 4 reasons you need preloved items in your wardrobe:

1. Preloved shopping takes you a step further in going sustainable

By making a conscious effort to shop items that are promising on both quality and sustainability, you are making a mindful decision to do your part in reducing the effects of mass production in fast fashion, like in the US alone there is 15 tonnes of used textile waste every year that could take another thousand years to decompose.

Here at AMUSED, we embed respect and ethics into all our processes. We are a plastic free and paperless business. We ensure our payments are cashless, and our internal processes are electronic to cut down on our use of paper, and we use recyclables as creatively as we can. We are also a online business this supports in reducing our carbon footprint

Investing in preloved means you are investing in sustainability.

2. There is a story behind every piece

Preloved shopping doesn’t end at being sustainable. It also takes you through the journey of living and wearing luxurious accessories that have a story behind every piece. You can only imagine the journey that the previous owner of those Christian Dior Vintage Lace Pumps took, the memories that it has to offer and the love that it has lived through. Every step those pair of pumps had to take to finally reach you is exactly what makes preloved shopping so engaging and meaningful.

3. Preloved shopping allows you to discover ‘finds’ – unique and interesting pieces that aren’t available at the mall

Not only does preloved shopping give you pieces that have a story, but they give you access to a treasure trove of unique pieces of luxury items that you can no longer find in stores. Getting your hands on something that will truly make sure you stand out from the crowd is exactly what your wardrobe needs! Scroll through some of our editor’s picks to find your next piece in fashion.

Here at AMUSED, we value the quality of what we offer and make sure that we only accept pieces in three conditions; they should either be brand new, gently used, or vintage pieces. All items undergo strict quality checking to deliver the best. We promise we don’t sell anything that we would not wear ourselves.

4. Buying Preloved at AMUSED can save you up to 80% of the actual store price

Standing out from the crowd does not require you to spend a fortune. Preloved fashion gives you the opportunity to own luxury items at incredible prices. You can upscale the value of your wardrobe with designers that make sustainable clothing of high quality - all within your budget!

With stores like AMUSED that offer you pre-owned luxury items that are authenticated, you can make sure you’re making a statement, both in style and in sustainability!

Want to get your hands on some exclusive preloved luxury fashion? Head on over to our store and shop some of the most unique pieces we have!

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