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Amused works with a team of experts who check all the products meticulously to ensure original quality. Additionally, our authentication process is supported through a revolutionary technology-based system. Our technology-based, multi-factor authentication systems are powered by AI. Providing complete trust and peace of mind to buyers and sellers of luxury through Amused. The authentication system uses complex algorithms to differentiate between fake and authentic items, which gives us over 99% accuracy rate. The software has received worldwide critical acclaim.


"Putting the power of spotting counterfeits right into the palm of your hand. The solution, which consists of a handheld microscope that connects to a smartphone app, can authenticate a luxury handbag within minutes, with startling accuracy." - Harper's Bazaar

"Technology that can spot counterfeits without the guesswork." - The Business of Fashion

"The technology magnifies objects 260 times, so features invisible to the human eye become telltale signs." - Bloomberg

"Improved accuracy by a staggering 98 percent for designer brands." - Cosmopolitan