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solution for luxury handbags

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At Amused, we understand the importance of quality assurance by using both advanced technology and manual expert inspection. We guarantee that all of our products are genuine provide a specific ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ with each item.


We use a high-tech authentication system which uses complex algorithms allowing us to evaluate numerous materials to determine authenticity. The proprietary data collected by the advanced online system has collected significant information to ensure products are genuine. Each check is done using three different layers, two of which are manual and one of which is algorithmic which covers most styles of a specific brand, new or classic.

How Our Experts Authenticate

Amused also conduct manual authentication checks; our team are experts in determining the condition and authentication of a product. We ensure that each product is inspected with the upmost care and only products which are determined ‘genuine’ are available on our e-store. The authentication process is in-depth and includes numerous measures of inspection including:

Date Code

Distinctive Hallmarks

Soles of shoes and markings

Authenticity Cards and Information Booklets

Grading of gems

Craftmanship and specified stitching

Brand and Care Labels

Design details

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