About Us


Meet The Founders
Sara Teymoor Banaja and Mansoor Banaja, are the British/Saudi co-founders of AMUSED; a digital platform that connects buyers and sellers of authenticated and curated pre-loved luxury.
Mansoor is from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and is a local entrepreneur with several local businesses and a love for fashion. He is known for his luxe streetwear style mixed with (and love of) Rick Owens. Mansoor met Sara in London during his studies and work experience.
Sara grew up inspired by British designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, resonating with the empowered messages fashion could convey. She moved to Saudi Arabia in 2017 from Dubai, where she had co-founded SRS - a research and sustainable recruitment solutions provider to the Middle East, where she was lucky enough to engage with some of the global visionaries and thought leaders within sustainable development.
Let’s Get Amused
In the UK, where Sara and Mansoor previously lived, they were used to buying from/selling to preloved stores regularly but found that locally in KSA, there weren’t many options available, and from the few that were, they felt the experience lacked joy.
Thus began a very organic experiment to sell the couple’s preloved pieces on Instagram. Slowly, some of their friends and family members also wanted to be part of it. “We noticed the condition of the items here were far better than anywhere else”, Sara explains, “We found this was due to the way people socialize in Saudi Arabia, being mainly within private residences. Our research also revealed that Saudi Arabia has the 2nd highest closet value in the world after Italy.”
In Mid-2019, AMUSED was born. Sara says, “Created by the community for the community, we wanted to provide an enjoyable and engaging shopping experience and our community love the play on the words AM-USED.”
Let’s Get Sustainable
The fashion industry is the world's second-highest contributor toward environmental pollution and some of the most prestigious fashion labels burn past season merchandise so that it is not discounted and resold. Not to mention the tragedies that occur in the sweatshops trying to keep up with the 400% rise in consumption from fast-fashion labels.
AMUSED is disrupting the community in Saudi Arabia by changing the way people think, feel and consume luxury. Research suggests that Saudi consumers have become progressively more sustainability-conscious and are therefore making choices to support local and ethical brands.
Let’s Get Authentic
At AMUSED, we are selective about our inventory, we take time to select and authenticate every item, with layers of verification offered for our customers’ protection, as transparency and honesty is at the forefront of our business. Head over to our Authenticity page to learn more.
Our pieces fall into one of three AMUSED categories - never been used, gently used and vintage. We want to offer our customers access to the best in timeless classics/forever pieces or those exclusive pieces you missed the first time. We aim to make quality luxury accessible to everyone, whether you are looking for a perfect quality bag or a beautiful vintage piece collected from around the world.
AMUSED encourages you to resell, rebuy, relove.